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You be finding yosef dreamin’ of da bayou with dis here pipe.
Greens go in da bowl in her back, and ya put ya lips right on up to hers…
Exquisite details on this little lady make this one of our proudest pipes.


Care —
Porcelain is incredibly durable – it’s used to tile the outside of spaceshuttles – but should still be handled with care.  It can break when dropped on a very hard surface, but is less delicate than glass.  To clean a pipe, soak overnight in a ziplock full of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt, agitate gently, then rinse thoroughly.  Gold luster should not be exposed to microwaves or harsh (dishwasher) soaps.  Jewelry can be cleaned with water or a gentle soap.Shipping —
Many of my offerings are ready-to-ship, but occasionally I need time to produce what you have ordered, particularly with 22k gold luster.  I guarantee that your domestic package will be in your arms with in two weeks.  If anything is damaged upon arrival, please email me within a week of getting your order with a photo of the broken item, and I’ll get a new one in the mail to you asap!Disclaimer —
Ficus Ceramica is not responsible for what you put in your pipe and smoke, philosophically or legally.  Ficus pipes are intended only consuming LEGAL substances.  You must be 18+ to purchase, and you are solely responsible for the use of this item.


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